Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year! Update On The Mysterious Alien Structure Orbiting KIC 8462852

The mystery has been cracked! The mysterious massive object orbiting the star, KIC 8462852, is in fact (drumroll please) DUST! However it's not just any old type of's alien dust.

Astronomer Tabetha Boyajian launched a Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $100,000 to acquire ground-based instruments for investigating the star. Her goal was to view the star the moment the dimming was taking place to get a better look at what might be blocking the star's light. It turns out the dimming was caused by dust with unfamiliar characteristics. The dust produces dips of varying intensity and timing as well as no indications of the dust being warm. This means it must be very far away from the star. The dust grains are also incredibly small, much smaller than those in cigarette smoke, yet the grains are not being blown away by the star’s light. This could mean there is probably some reservoir from which the dust is continually replenished. Perhaps something catastrophic happened near the star or is still taking place. Of course these are all just guesses based on what is being observed. It's an on-going study and a very exciting discovery!


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Navy pilot, David Fravor, Recalls UFO Encounter on Tucker Carlson Tonight

On FOX news' Tucker Carlson Tonight, Navy pilot, David Fravor, talked about his UFO encounter that occurred back in 2004. Fravor was called to a routine training mission, but when he joined up with his fleet-mate, they were informed that the training mission had been canceled and they would now be investigating an unidentified object hovering over the water off the coast of San Diego! Fravor describes the object as flying at a speed well above the sound barrier, shooting off like a bullet out of a gun and still does not know of any man-made aircraft today that can come close to that speed.  👽

Monday, June 26, 2017

Relearning The Lost History of The Origins of Earth

My reading material, as of late, includes this book by Paul Von Ward titled, We've Never Been Alone: A History of Extraterrestrial Intervention.

This is the author's bio on Google: "Paul Von Ward holds graduate degrees in government and psychology from Harvard and Florida State University. He served in the US Navy and as a Foreign Service Officer for the US State Department. He is the founder of the Washington-based nonprofit Delphi International, which provides cross-cultural exchanges, professional training, and overseas development. He lives in Dahlonega, GA." 

The book was first published back in 2011 and I found it quite intriguing how strongly it predicted the challenges our world faces today. One challenge being the retaliation of society when presented with truths. If the truth is, that we are not in control and that some unknown universal force or possibly advanced extraterrestrial beings are in control, then the dependent power hungry people who need others to believe they are in control, will lose that power and soon die off. For these dependents who's lives are only functional if they can keep others un-awakened, it is a matter of life or death. This explains why these types of people will go to extremes to keep others in the dark. The book mentions one of the tactics is the divide and concur tactic: Influence societies and nations to divide and become weak so that they lose foundation and therefore can be easily conquered. They believe the weak and dumb won't search for a higher level of education or consciousness so they will be easily controlled. Sound familiar? Well, it's an old tactic, but it has a solution and the solution is to not lose sight of the bigger picture. We have to continue to stay awakened, to continue to scientifically study our origins and remember where we came from physically and metaphysically. These studies always point back to the stars. 

I'm still in the midst of reading, but I also watched an amazing documentary the other day that coincided, coincidentally, with this book! It's a documentary on Netflix called, Is Genesis History? 
It explores the historical events recorded in The Book of Genesis and compares them with scientific evidence to determine wether this history of our origins is make believe or factual. As tour guide, Del Tackett, speaks with some awesome and really smart scientists, the evidence is shocking! There is even a segment in the documentary that examines a sample of fossilized triceratops skin that is still stretchy!! It even shows the skin under the microscope stretching! Which means that dinosaurs could possibly be not as old as we thought and in fact our whole world might not be has old as we've been thinking. Be prepared to, as Yoda would say, "unlearn what you have learned." 

My studies are, to be continued...

Watch Trailer Below

Thursday, April 27, 2017

UFOs and Magic

From the 1959 children's book, Space Witch

Since the moment I was old enough to select books off the shelf at my local library, I was always drawn to the supernatural subject matter. My favorite books as a child were all the books that had the bright orange moon with the silhouette of a witch sticker on them. This indicated they were Halloween books. I found a picture on Pinterest below-

One of my favorite books of all time is Witches, Pumpkins and Grinning Ghosts: The Story Of Halloween Symbols by Edna Barth. While this book educated the young reader about the history of the holiday, it also gave an intro to the lost science of metaphysics. I remember reading about the ancient mystics and fortune tellers who studied nature and the planets. They observed life and universal law and used their intuition to state prophecies. Barth mentioned the old wives and doulas who used natural herbal remedies from the earth to sooth pain and heal ailments. Over time these people, especially the females who practiced these medicines, morphed in to the witch! An old hag who uses magic to cause people harm. Because villagers did not understand the scientific practices of these ancient mystics and witchdoctors, they feared their powers and called their practices magic. If only these villagers took time to learn what the "witches" and "wizards" knew. Magic was actually just science. As astrologer and mystic, Manly P Hall mentions, Magic means the effects of the stars. It's the star's energy effecting the Earth's atmospheres.

I continue throughout my life to be extremely interested in the metaphysical and what our popular science doesn't know. This area of study is what humans should be studying the most. We should be experimenting with our consciousness if we want to be the supreme beings we believe ourselves to be. If each individual person exercised their intuition, whether through religion or just taking some time to ask themselves, "why do I feel this way?" then we will be on a truly powerful and enlightening path to unlocking all the mysteries of the universe. 

My theory is that extraterrestrial intelligent beings have done this. They are on a higher enlightened level which enables them to understand the laws of the universe. Using this knowledge, they have designed their spacecrafts to properly maneuver through Space in such a way, that it completely obliterates Earthling's common laws of physics. We are only limited to what we believe, so I would like to wish that our scientists start believing in the unimaginable.

Below is a lecture by Manly P Hall. He is explaining magic and the Astral Dimension. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Alien Ex Votos: Close In Counters In Mexico

Ex votos, also known as retablolamina or votive paintings, came to Mexico via Spain by Franciscan monks. They are like illustrated Thank You cards to the Virgin Mary and other Catholic saints thanking the saints for a time in which they helped protect their faithful believers. Ex votos tell real life stories of the people that lived through what they believed to be miracles. Some ex votos are almost like mini illustrated episodes of Paranormal Witness. I particularly enjoy the art of ex votos, but what really caught my attention is how many ex votos tell stories of extraterrestrials and UFO encounters! I've collected a few ex votos that do so and translated them as best I could. Some are hard to read, but close encounters in Mexico seem to be very common. 

"At night I was very thirsty and I went to the kitchen for a glass of water. But, to my horror, I saw that there were martians eating at the table in my kitchen and my dog, who is a good guardian, looked like he was hypnotized or paralyzed. I'm thankful to the Virgin of Zapopan because the extraterrestrials didn't see me and I could escape safe and sound until they left. " 

" On the road to Tepoztlan we encountered a group of green martians who wanted to detain us, but thanks to the Virgin of Gaudalupe, we escaped without them grabbing us. Oct. 16, 1967"

"When we were going to church, Dorotea and I felt like something was following us and we saw that it was some martians. We were very frightened, and we ran to the church and started to pray that nothing would happen to us. Leaving the church we saw that the martians had left and only had taken the birds in the corral of the town. We give thanks to the Virgin of San Juan for protecting us and the other people. "

"Juaquin Ramirez took the animals to drink water at the lake and then suddenly a UFO appeared and took away a cow that belonged to his friend. He gives infante thanks to the son of Atocha for believing him that he wasn't the one that took the cow away or make him pay for the cow."

"When we returned to the city in the morning after the (? hard to read, something the parrots?), my family and I saw a UFO that took all of the in habitants of the city. We gave thanks to the Virgin of Zapopen because the UFO had come and was leaving while we were not there."

Friday, February 10, 2017

More Bigfoot Sightings At Yellowstone

I first saw this video on Coast To Coast AM's Facebook page. 6 burly figures gather together in Yellowstone National Park. We can see roughly the size of each creature in the scene. My fist initial thought is something more tangible like a family of bears but, as I watched, I noticed they were clearly walking comfortably upright like humans. My second viewing of the video with closer attention, revealed that due to the location and measuring points of the ground and trees around them, the creatures all appear to be rather large. So, now I've narrowed my options down to either Bigfoots, or really tall people. Another thing I noticed is that they appeared to all be dressed the same. Maybe all wearing big, puffy, dark coats. Still, it's narrowed down to Bigfoots or really tall people wearing really big coats.
Buffalo was ruled out because you can see the creatures walking on two feet from the front and when they turn to the side. Although hazy, this video is still a good piece of evidence. There are definite measuring points for Bigfoot investigators to inspect if they decide to properly measure distances to determine height.

The Youtube account, Bahinko, that posted this video said they were watching a Yellowstone Old Faithful webcam live stream when the creatures appeared. Shortly after he began filming the feed on his phone, the cam was suddenly moved away from the scene! Reminiscent of what happens to NASA live streams when a possible UFO is spotted. Maybe rangers at Yellowstone are fully aware of the creatures but do not make this knowledge known to the public to protect the Bigfoots. There could be an entire Bigfoot Protection Program. Until 6 people come forward and say "hey! That was us!" It looks like these might be Bigfoots.

[source: Video by Cryptid Countdown on YouTube]